Lara Schaberg
b. August 1980
Bridgton, Maine

Lara Schaberg is a cross-disciplinary artist. Her pieces trace terrain where negative space saturates, objects converge, edges unfurl. Utilizing paint, paper, photography, screens, found objects, handwriting, improvisational activation, and installation, she investigates the translation of form across space. Elemental copper is another medium in her process, and she uses it to explore the conductivity of touch. In this search for ground, she often explores what surfaces in the interface between transient and physical geographies. These ecotones engage moments of fracture, overlap, and multi-dimensionality in-between boundaries. The present enmeshment of materials and identities demands new modes of regeneration and empowerment. Lara's surfaces are studies of and in these unfolding landscapes, topographies etched over time.

Her formative years in art began with sumi-e ink and watercolor. A BFA in painting with study in Prague, Vienna, Zurich, Paris inspired a series of work culminating in this show, as well as a period of professional work in Photography and the Graphic Arts. Lara attended a field seminar with MFA students at University of California Davis, led by blues musician and painter Mike Henderson. She also worked for a Bay Area designer, observing the art of sculpture in fabric. These years bloomed with an exhibition of painted drawings. Lara migrated to the vibrant city of New Orleans, and began to practice art through the eyes of motherhood with her children. Ecological activism informs her practice, and she collaborates with other artists to spark innovation. In 2018 she completed the series, Orchard, and a painting was chosen to be part of an exhibition.  Lara has also shown a 15 foot hand-painted piece in an international Art Salon series on Magazine Street, and created a multimedia touchscreen + paper handscroll through the mode of Instagram. This scrolling art is a meditation on the landscapes of the 21st century.