Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A series of paintings, drawings, & digital photographs, as well as one paper and touchscreen handscroll. A multimedia exhibition. I translated a movement through the orchard, a complex space that has a long tradition in artistic, political, agricultural, and mythological landscapes. A space where stories have been told for thousands of years; now a place of rebirth and revision.


The handscroll, Orchard, was created in an old abandoned industrial cherry orchard,  as well as in the studio. The materials include cherry juice and branch, copper electrical wire, grasses, carmine ink, oil paint, watercolor, block print ink, and graphite on 144" x 30" cold press paper. The touchscreen and paper Instagram version is 33 squares of digital photography, pieced together in time as it was created. Improvisational Art. 

I am currently looking for a space to show this series as a whole. 
For more information, please contact me at laraschaberg@gmail.com.