Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scrolling No. 2

Instagram Scrolling Triptych 
Electric Palm 
text + digital photography + watercolor on 6" x 6" 200 lb. paper

& our stories begin like endings 
like the story of our century 
our century of time lapse & speed-
ing cumulous, our century of 
 travel & private publics, our cen- 
tury when for the brief flicker of 
static on ear we knew the absence 
of city as the long gesture of 
interstate glides toward futurity
& if our stories begin like end-
ings in being stories of our cen-
tury, the endings too begin, the
endings & the century during
which we watched our knowing growing &
the beauty of the body came to
exist in motion. The stasis of
day-to-day washed us clean as the 
spaces between rain. Drops. & making
puddles of the page.

Two excerpts from the poem, Seaming by Dan Thomas-Glass // Daughters of Your Century